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Note:  When paying rent via Paypal the tenant must include a 5% processing fee.  To calculate the total amount owed multiply the Rental Reminder or Statement amount by 1.05.  Rents paid without the full 5% processing fee will be rejected.

Application fees do not require addition of a processing fee. 

By making a rent payment via Paypal, payer accepts the following  terms. 

Payment via Paypal does not constitute acceptance of payment on the part of the Owner/Agent.   
Owner/Agent reserves  the right to refuse and return payment for
 tenants who have been served a 3-day notice
 payments made after midnight (Eastern time zone)  on  the refusal date stated in the lease. 
payments made which are less than 105% of the total amount owed (the amount owed plus 5% processing fee).
Failure to make full payment of rent + processing fee within the grace period will result in late fees.   

By clicking the statement that follows, payer agrees to the terms stated above.   I Agree To The Above Terms



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Last modified: December 18, 2015