Property Investments of Note, LLC


We are always on the lookout for single and multi-family properties. 

If you have a property you need to sell, please contact us via phone or email. 

Currently we are very interested in finding one or more properties in Cheviot and nearby portions of Westwood. 

We are also interested in single- and multi-family properties where sellers are willing to finance the sale (i.e., accept monthly payments) for 4 years.  Sellers benefit in several ways when financing the sale of their properties:

  1. The first benefit is a steady stream of cash – and not a whole lot less than you’re probably getting right now from your property – with absolutely no work on your part.   Most sellers continue to receive at least 70% of the cash flow they earned as owners but without the hassle of tenants, toilets or trash.  How nice would it be to go somewhere at the drop of a hat without the worry that you'll have to cut your trip short or try to unclog that toilet from miles away? 

  2. The second benefit is a healthy rate of return. Just how is that stock portfolio doing these days?  We offer a return on your investment more reliable than stocks and significantly higher than bonds, CDs or money markets.

  3. The third benefit involves taxes. Remember the tax benefit you got from depreciation over the years?  When you sell, the accumulated depreciation is part of the capital gains calculated on the sale of your property.  Selling via land contract allows you to minimize the pain of capital gains by spreading it over the life of the contract[1].  

Even if you still owe on the property, we can structure a deal that works. 

You may find you like sitting back and collecting a check so much you ask us NOT to refinance after 4 years!

To learn more about earning reliable, hassle-free income with better-than-market returns, please give us a call or send us an email.  

[1] We are neither a CPAs nor a lawyers, much to our parents’ dismay.  Oh, they were still proud of us – they were just hoping for free tax or legal advice.  So we’ll tell you what we told them: contact your tax or legal professional to see how selling your property will affect you. 




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Last modified: March 31, 2016